Southern Gas Networks


Commercial Transfer joins Southern Gas Networks to move & consolidate their stores without disrupting supplies.

24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, SGN teams are working behind the scenes and out on the streets managing the network that distributes natural and green gas to 5.9 million homes.
Commercial Transfer were asked to join the team to move and consolidate their stores into a central location without disrupting the technicians - and support SGN's plan of becoming a Net 0 business.


As SGN continue to deliver their Net 0 plan and reduce its carbon footprint, the requirement to move and consolidate three smaller stores along the South Coast to a central location was identified.

The requirement included the need for the:

  • Minimal disruption to supply
  • Lowest environmental impact


To keep the SGN team working the move was made over a 10 day period using 3 dedicated crews. This approach rather than a single large move, not only kept the SGN teams operating, but also kept the move as environmentally friendly as possible by reducing wasted space in the lorries.

Using our smaller vehicles we were able to shuttle between the locations to optimise loading and also to allow the stores to be consolidated in transit. This approach kept the number of trips to a minimum without compromising availability of the stores.

Commercial Transfer were able of offer the complete service from end to end.

  • Move Management: Our Move Manager worked with the team to carefully plan the move keeping stores available during the move.
  • Crate Hire: Three types of specialist crates were needed as part of the move. The purpose-built crates are sized correctly for the receiving vehicles reducing trips and environmental impact.
  • Packing Services: By clearly labeling and planning the move - taking the contents of the sites section by section and shuttling between sites - no downtime was experienced by the engineers.
  • Dedicated Crews: Despite the longer move duration, the Commercial Transfer team were constant - reducing infection risk and ensuring continuity.


Commercial Transfer was able to offer the flexibility during the move to keep disruption to a minimum - and no downtime was experienced by the engineers or delays by SGN customers.

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This move couldn't have gone smoother - we can't believe that we were able to make the move and consolidation without any customer disruption. To make it all in an environmentally friendly way is down to the creative thinking of Commercial Transfers' planners - thank you. Commercial Transfer again have proven that they are partners we value and can rely on"
Scott Harvey Southern Gas Networks