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Commercial Transfer refreshes books for Cardiff Community Library

Libraries however large or small make a positive difference to people's lives and communities through the love of reading.
As an approved supplier for Cardiff Council for over 20 years, Commercial Transfer were brought in to swiftly and efficiently move 200m of books from the central store to refresh a  community library.


Regular updates to library stock is not uncommon and refreshing Cardiff Community Library with some new books may seem a simple shelf to shelf move.

​But with over the height of Blackpool Tower in books to pack and
re-shelf without disrupting their sequencing this called for Commercial Transfers library specialists armed with their purpose built book crates and crate tracking.


As Cardiff Councils relocation partner for over 20 years, one phone call is all it took to prepare the Commercial Team team to make the move. Having made similar moves in the past, each of the team methodically cleared each shelf at a time into book crates designed to be exactly the length of a single library shelf. These were then sequentially catalogued and reverse loaded the van.

At the library, the team were then able to simply reinstate the books into their new home one shelf at a time in exactly the same order.

  • Crates: Our extra long book crates are designed to perfectly hold and protect a single shelf of books, including oversize or multimedia. These are all included in our move planning.
  • Packing: All our book packing is acid-free to protect them during transportation and storage.
  • Specialist Vehicles: Working within Cardiff, the team chose smaller vans from the fleet for greater maneuverability on the small and congested streets.
  • Move Management: Our Senior Move Manager worked with Library's stock manager to develop the move plan and together working together to ensure the minimal disruption to opening times and customers.


Within hours the library was up and running with minimal disruption to loans and library activities.