Road signs to be removed in the UK

New rules from the UK government mean unnecessary and out-of-date road signs can be removed from roads.

The new powers to tear down pointless road signs that distract drivers were awarded to councils last month. Signs will also carry ‘remove by’ dates on the back so they are not left in place needlessly, sometimes for years.

The Department for Transport has appointed Sir Alan Duncan MP to lead a task force that is looking at removing pointless signs – and this crackdown will pave the way for wider changes. Too many signs look ugly and stop drivers seeing essential messages. Cutting the number and size of signs will help reduce unnecessary eyesores for all road users and local residents.

Fewer signs also need to be lit than before, which will save energy costs and light pollution. Safety signs must still be lit, for example stop signs or signs for low bridges.

New roundabout and layout signs will be taken down within 3 months.

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