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Commercial Transfer Moves World-Leading University Research Laboratory

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With one of the largest chemistry labs in the UK, Oxford University is recognised for its pioneering research throughout the world.


Commercial Transfer’s Laboratory team worked under Covid-19 Restrictions to move and store the laboratory during refurbishment.



Planned refurbishment of the University's faculty meant that the laboratory needed to be packed, moved and safely stored returning when the refurbishment was complete.

Containing priceless and hazardous research samples, temperature controlled chemicals, as well as highly calibrated equipment and delicate glassware; this called for Commercial Transfers specialist and experienced laboratory removal team.



Undertaken under Covid-19 restrictions in March 2020, our dedicated team packed and relocated the laboratory from the existing site into temperature controlled storage while the laboratories were refurbished. 9 months later the same team returned to reinstate the laboratory.

  • Crates:  Our Crate Hire department supplied all the packing crates needed for the move, making bespoke wooden packing crates for each item of lab equipment.

  • Packing: Starting 4 days prior to the move, our packing team carefully packed and labelled each item creating a detailed inventory and tracking information of every item.

  • Specialist Vehicles: The team of 10 technicians selected 2 of our purpose built 26ton vans, complete with Air Ride and Tailifts to ensure a smooth journey 

  • Move Management: Our Senior Move Manager worked with the laboratory to meticulously plan each step of the move and storage and on site each day to ensure total satisfaction.


Taking just 5 days, for each move, the faculty was up and running with the minimum disruption to research.

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